BW's Barbecue has been helping organizations in Western New
York for over 20 years.

-Chicken Barbecue Fundraisers
-Rib Barbecue Fundraisers
-Pulled Pork Sandwich Fundraisers
-Fish Fry Fundraisers
Please give us a call so that we can put something together to
best suit your needs.
Please call for prices.  Prices are subject to change due to extreme
market fluctuations.

½ BW’s Barbecue Chicken              
¼ Chicken 2 Bone Rib*                                           
¼ Chicken ¼ Rack Rib*                   
½ Rack of BW’s Famous Ribs         
1/4 Rack of BW’s Famous Ribs       
*Any meat choice involving ¼ chickens will come ½ white meat and
½ dark meat.  
* If you order 300 ¼ chicken 150 will be white meat and 150 will be
dark meat.

The dinner package includes a fresh baked roll with butter, your
choice of two salads and a take out container.  The salads you can
choose from are potato salad, coleslaw, or chef salad with Italian
dressing.  A package of a fork, knife, napkin, salt and pepper are
available at 0.12each.

The minimum order is 250.
$150.00 Charge for onsite cooking with orders less than 250 people.

A safe burnable piece of ground must be provided for us to cook
on.  Serve time is limited to 3 hours, but can be adjusted for larger
events.  You must provide people to assemble the dinners on your

Final payment is due on the date of the event. Orders must be
confirmed the Monday before your event.  The restaurant is closed
on Mondays however; the catering department is available to
confirm your event from 10-2 P.M.
Barbecue Information
Fish Fry Fundraisers
Please call for information
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